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Red Eye Bloody Mary Mix

Experience Red Eye, y’all!

Approaching its 100th birthday, the classic Bloody Mary is ingrained in our culture. In the United States, it is oftentimes referred to as a “Hair of the dog’’ cocktail, and thus the origin of the name “Red Eye.” The two critical ingredients – vodka and tomato juice – are relatively simple; however, the mix of additional ingredients is critical to the taste. Each of our premium Red Eye Bloody Mary Mixes are made with the freshest tomatoes and combined with a conglomeration of spices that result in a burst of unique flavors. You’ll never make a Blood Mary without Red Eye Bloody Mary Mixes again!

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Red Eye Bloody Mary Mix Brand Portfolio


Red Eye Original Bloody Mary Mix has more tomatoes than any other mix, and is seasoned like only a true Texan can. Flavored with lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, celery seed, coarse black pepper, and jalapeño, Red Eye Original is so meaty you can almost eat it!

• Bronze Medal – Sip Awards – 2016


After one sip of our Red Eye Outlaw Bloody Mary Mix, you’ll taste how we kick it up a notch in seasoning and flavor.
 The secret is our time-honored recipe made with the highest quality ingredients by our skilled production team.

• Gold Medal – Sip Awards – 2016


Tantalize your taste buds with this spicy delight. Your senses will be awakened by the robust and unique flavor. It’s the perfect combination of the proven Red Eye flavor with a much asked for fresh, horseradish addition. No other brand can compare to Red Eye Horseradish. Once you try it you’ll know you’ve got the best.

• Platinum Medal – Sip Awards – 2017


Red Eye Habañero Bloody Mary Mix is named after the habañero pepper from which the spicier mix derives its heat. It includes all the same great Red Eye flavors with just enough habañero pepper. Red Eye Habañero is toned down to reap the benefits of the flavor and the heat of the habañero without the pain. If you like it spicy, you’ll love Red Eye Habañero Bloody Mary Mix.

• Bronze Medal – Sip Awards – 2017


Bartenders and tailgaters everywhere are celebrating the newest member of the Red Eye family! Red Eye Tavern Blend Bloody Mary mix was designed by mixologists to be the perfect base for constructing a tangy blend of spice and savory traditional Bloody Mary flavors. Be creative and come up with your own variation of this tasty recipe.

• Silver Medal – Sip Awards – 2016