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Napa Smith Brewery Beer

Napa Smith – The Private Reserve of Craft Beers

Located in California’s Bay Area, Napa Smith is a family owned and operated brewery that upholds the classic beer style that gave American craft beer its start. Inspired by generations of experience, Napa Smith is surrounded by the influential culture and uncompromised quality of the greatest wineries in the world. Napa Smith beers uphold the same standard; balanced recipes made from the best ingredients. Brewmaster Stein Servick leads a talented team committed to producing meticulously crafted beers with the level of quality that is universally Napa. Each of our beer labels features iconic California imagery that has a story to tell, but as for Napa Smith, our story begins and ends with being the Private Reserve of Craft Beers.

Napa Smith Brewery & Taproom
101 Yolano Drive  |  Vallejo, CA 94589
Phone: (707) 255-2912
Business of the Year – Vallejo Chamber of Commerce – 2017

Napa Smith Brewery Brand Portfolio


Our winter seasonal, Bonfire, is a full-bodied American-style Imperial Porter. This deep black Porter highlights caramel and vanilla-like chocolate malty-sweetness touched with smoke. Malts are complimented with herbal hop flavors and aromatics, with a hint of citrus. Bonfire will warm you to your bones.

IBUs: 57
ABV: 8.0%
Available Formats: 4-pack cans



Channeling the long-standing tradition of Lagers brewed in California; we brewed a crisp, clean beer inspired by the Napa River headwaters of Mt. Saint Helena to the Carquinez Strait. Brewed with heritage grains and West Coast hopping; this easy drinking beer brings resinous notes of pine and citrus.

IBUs: 30
ABV: 5.0%
Available Formats: 4-pack cans/6-pack cans



The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is symbolic of the unique, beautiful state of California. Our rendition of the American IPA displays the unique flavors and character associated with our home state.

IBUs: 66
ABV: 6.0%
Available Formats: 4-pack cans/6-pack cans



The end is near. Hopageddon IPA rains down deep resinous and citrus notes of West Coast hops onto your palate. A fiery orange malty sweetness and French oak balances the bitterness and heat. Gather your taste buds and assemble your armies for the end of times.

IBUs: 100+
ABV: 9.2%
Available Formats: 4-pack cans


Northbay Hazy IPA

The North Bay fog horns sound as the humid ocean air condenses over the chilly California currents. Beams of light lead us through the marine layer revealing our North Bay Hazy IPA. Brimming with El Dorado and Sultana lending tropical fruit and pineapple notes. Let our North Bay Hazy be your beacon.

IBUs: 30
ABV: 6.9%
Available Formats: 4-pack cans



Much like the time-honored image of sunrays peeking through the rolling hills of Napa Valley, the opulent character of our Old World style Pilsner is rooted in the tranquil tradition of the Napa Valley.

IBUs: 20
ABV: 5.0%
Available Formats: 4-pack cans/6-pack cans