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La Chiara

Eros Spinozzi Portfolio of Wines, Imported by R.S. Lipman Company

R.S. Lipman Company is proud to represent the Eros Spinozzi Selections – an award-winning portfolio of Italian family wineries.

The Eros Spinozzi Story

Eros Spinozzi, was born in Marché, a wonderful region in Italy that has been recognized for centuries for its production of wine, olive oil, meats, fresh seafood and vegetables. Growing up in a family of eight, young Eros Spinozzi always gravitated towards the kitchen where he could get his hands dirty by helping prepare nourishing meals for his loved ones. That passion stayed with him when he signed-up at the Italian Restaurant and Hotel Business Management School in San Benedetto del Tronto, where he received his degree after five years of studying the food, beverage and hospitality industry. The family tradition continued to cement his future when in 1994, Eros relocated to the United States, joining his uncle Eugenio Spinozzi, who served as both his mentor and as one of the pioneers of the quality Italian wines being imported to the United States. Uncle Eugenio had started his “Fine Wine Mission” by founding and owning Tricana Imports, a company that elevated his wines to distribution in 35 U.S. states, giving visibility to Italian wineries in the U.S. marketplace.

Working side-by-side with his mentor, Eros gained a wealth of experience and knowledge including being introduced to the wine selection processes, meeting agronomists, vineyard tenders, cellar masters and enologists. In late 2003, Eros followed Eugenio back to Italy where his beloved uncle passed shortly after his voyage back to the motherland. Motivated to keep the tradition alive, Spinozzi travels throughout Italy and the world so he can continue to educate and introduce thousands of people to the complex yet fascinating world of Italian wines. Eros Spinozzi’s wine selections are front and center in the most prestigious restaurants and fine wine shops all over the country. With R.S. Lipman Company, Eros’s selections are in constant development to ensure that Italy’s most well-known wine regions are represented through their network of small or medium-sized family owned and operated wineries. These family wineries have entrusted the Spinozzi name to represent the essence and heritage of the Italian world of wine for the last 40 years. We invite you to experience the premium wine portfolio offered by Eros Spinozzi through the R.S. Lipman Company.


On the strength of their long-standing farming traditions, the Bergaglio family played a key role in the birth and the success of Gavi, and has been producing this great white wine in Piedmont for three generations. Today, the estate extends over a vast area, all of it in the municipality of Gavi, with 28 hectares occupied by vineyards cultivated with pride, passion, and according to traditional methods.

GAVI D.O.C.G del Comune di Gavi

Warm savory, harmonious  taste. Great companion for white meat hors d’oeuvres, seafood salads and grilled fish.

Region: Piedmont

Grapes: 100% Cortese

Vineyards exposure: West, South-West

Vines average age: 25 years old

Harvest: Grapes are collected by hand, with great care, generally in mid-September.


GAVI D.O.C.G del Comune di Gavi – Black Label

Dry, lively, warm and full bodied. Persistent and savory taste reveals traces of flint and fresh hay. Pairs well with shellfish, seafood dishes, mid-aged cheeses and white meat.

Region: Piedmont

Grapes: 100% Cortese di Gavi

Vines average age: 45 years old

Harvest: Grapes are collected by hand, with great care